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Year 2020 – Club Events Calendar of Cyprus Federation of Classic Vehicles

Abriviations: PCVC:Paphos Classic Vehicles Club MBCC:Mercedes Benz Cars Cyprus CCCTC:Cyprus Classic Car Touring Club SIPAK:Cyprus Historic & Old Car Club LEPAL: Limassol Classic Car Club 
Month Day Event Name Club Comments
  4 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  10 Val & Alan's Lunch Run PCVC  
  18 Annual General Meeting PCVC  
  19 Vassilopitta Rally MBCC  
  26 New Year’s Classic Car Tour & Rally OKAK OKAK Championship Event
  1 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  2 3rd Athienou Rally LESPA FIPA OKAK Championship Event
  5 Annual General Meeting LEPAL  
  15 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  23 Classic Car Treasure Hunt CCCTC  
  29 Carnival Tour LEPAL  
  7 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  13 Val & Alan's Lunch Run PCVC  
  TBA Skills Event PCVC  
  21 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  22 Charity Classic Car Rally LESPA FIPA OKAK Championship Event
  4 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  5 Classic Car Tour/Event CCCTC  
  10 Val & Alan's Lunch Run PCVC  
  18 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  26 St. George Festival Tour - Kormakitis CCCTC  
  2 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  8 Val & Alan's Lunch Run PCVC  
  10 Lofou Rally LEPAL OKAK Championship Event
  16 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  17 Paphos Harbour Event PCVC  
  Weekend 16-17 International Historic Car Rally LESPA-FIPA OKAK Championship Event
  6 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  Weekend 12-13 48 Hours Cyprus OKAK OKAK Championship Event - Preliminary Dates
  20 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  21 Classic Car Tour CCCTC  
  4 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  18 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  8 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  5 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  Beginning of month Wine Festival Tour LEPAL  
  19 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  20 Charity Rally  LEPAL OKAK Championship Event
  27 Classic Car Tour CCCTC  
  3 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  Weekend 10-11 Autumn Platres Classic LESPA-FIPA OKAK Championship Event
  17 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  18 AGM + Mini Classic Car Tour CCCTC  
  7 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  21 Club Social Meeting PCVC  
  22 "Know Your Country" Classic Car Tour CCCTC  
  29 15th Rally Margarita  LEPAL OKAK Championship Event
  5 Classic Breakfast PCVC  
  6 20th Anniversary MBCCyprus MBCC  
  11 Val & Alan's Lunch Run PCVC  
  21 Club Social Meeting PCVC  


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12, Chrysanthou Mylona Street, CY-2014, Nicosia
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